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Agilent Platform Usages & Benefits


Agilent platform is a parlor that specializes in the production of test fixture designs and kits services. At Q1 Test Inc. we produce customized fixture kits and also those that support 3010 large and small configurations. Agilent platform offers a wide range of fixtures specially tailored options like; Side Access probing, Dual-Stage probing, 0.39 Mil probes and Pneumatic Actuation; a process of producing a cylinder or valves actuators that are used convert energy produced, e.g., compressed air into motion.

Agilent Platform

Test fixture designs and kits refer to items that are used to test the practicality and malfunctions of a manufactured product. Test fixtures design comprises the functional test fixtures and the custom functional test fixtures.

Approximate time for Agilent platform services ranges from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the complexity of the product. Services offered on this platform are purely based on creativity, competency and commitment combined together to give you high-quality services.

pneumatic fixtures

Uses of Agilent platform

Agilent platform services are used for numerous purposes such as;

  • Test fixtures help detect problems in the assembling of parts and components
  • Helps to assure the quality of products being manufactured
  • Products manufactured under Agilent platform help to speed up the production of other products.
  • Vital in identifying that all parts of specific components are working effectively and jointly as desired
  • Affirms that products are free from faults that would negatively affect their overall working
  • Used to evaluate analog, digital and hybrid boards.
  • Used in the military and defense industry in the field of communication, engine control, electronic control and, avionics.
  • Customized designs are offered that can fit in numerous applications.
  • Used to enhance the overall work of the manufacturing industry

Small Pneumatic fixture

Benefits of Agilent platform

Agilent platform is essential because of the following reasons;

  • Services provided under this platform ensure necessary conditions are met in a mechanical production of items
  • Help reduce losses and risks posed by malfunctioned products
  • Guarantees protection and safety of the end product that is to be made from the mechanically made item
  • With customized test fixtures, it is possible to perform some tests repeatedly due to the alikeness of setups required.
  • Ensure user satisfaction
  • More tests can be made to check and countercheck by used of formulators to separate diverse functions from other methods in case of the functional test fixtures.
  • Economical due to the little to no amount of money required to repair a faulty product and also lowers the amount the company could
  • Spend on purchasing test fixtures kits and designs.

Q1 Test Inc

Q1 Test Inc is an Ontario, California based company specialized in delivering unique and high-quality engineering products and services. Besides Agilent platform, Q1 Test Inc offers genrad fixtures, functional test fixtures, pneumatic gates, ICT programming and ICT fixtures. At Q1 Test Inc, we produce high quality products which suit the evolving customer needs in the mechanical and electrical industry. With affordable prices, authentic products, and fantastic customer services, Q1 Test Inc is a reliable engineering solutions partner.