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ICT Programing

ICT can be an abbreviation for either “In-circuit test” or “information communication technology.” In this case, it stands for in-circuit test. ICT programing; therefore, can be translated as in-circuit test programing.

What is an in-circuit test?

ICT is a form of white box testing where an electrical probe tests a piece of electronic equipment like a circuit board or chips, checking for resistance, opens, shorts, capacitance, and other basic quantities that will show whether the board was correctly assembled or not.

♦ ICT Programing

An ICT can be conducted either manually or with automation through ICT programing. ICT programing is just a way of setting up a computer to perform in-circuit tests without human input.

An in-circuit test may be conducted using traditional DIY bed of nail testers or special test equipment. This equipment can be purchased either online or at the local stores that deal in such.

Test Fixtures

The device that is used to perform an in-circuit test ( ICT) is referred to as a test fixture. The setup is designed to hold the equipment under test in place and let it be tested by being subjected to controlled electronic test signals. A test fixture provides all the necessary parameters for a test, thus satisfying whatever preconditions there may be.

♦ Significance of ICT Programing

In-circuit testing and ICT programing in general are not just techniques that the manufacturers of electronic gadgets use to show how fancy they are. Here is why many manufacturers take ICT programing very seriously:

ICT programing

1. Safety

In-circuit testing through manual methods or ICT programing ensures that the electronics that we get our hands on are safe. It checks for resistance, opens, shorts, and other weaknesses that could be safety hazards.

Many times we have seen mobile phones explode, causing serious burns and other injuries to users. Usually, these are counterfeit phones, which have not been subjected to an ICT test to determine any fault and safety risk before being rolled out.

2. Ensures New Gadgets Work

ICT programing tests ensure that new gadgets arrive in a functional state. Devices that are tested and found to be working perfectly are packaged for shipment whereas the defective ones are returned to the factory for improvement.

3. The Law

ICT programing ensures new goods are tested and meet the working and safety standards set forth by the law. This prevents manufacturers from getting into trouble with the law.

♦ Final Thoughts

ICT programingICT programing is crucial to the functionality of most electronic devices. Microchips and integrated circuits can be found in the gadgets that we use on a day-to-day basis. Your cell phone, PC, TV and literally any electronic equipment is a result of in-circuit testing and ICT programing. Without the testing prior to final assembly, many devices would arrive non-functional or cease working earlier than their expected life spans.

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